Interpretation services

Broad variety of services ranging from simultaneous to consecutive are available depending on the environment. The range of service covers international conferences, seminars, business meetings etc.

Types of interpretation services available


Interpretation takes place concurrently with the speaker's delivery. This method requires the interpreters to work as pairs or threesomes depending on the length and intensity of the assignment using booth installed device systems or wireless Panaguide devices for a more simple and less expensive setup.

Interpretation device coordinationInterpretation device coordination


The interpreter(s) sits next to the audience to whisper the interpretation delivery. Wireless Panaguide devices are used where the audience is more than two persons. Since the interpretation happens concurrently with the speaker's delivery, it is technically identical to simultaneous interpretation. However, the interpreters hear the speaker's voice without using headsets. Therefore, interpreters' own voices and other sounds prove distracting. This denies long sessions of interpretation delivery to take place.


Interpretation is delivered when the speaker pauses every few sentences or a paragraph. Since interpretation follows each punctuation, this method requires double the time of whispering or simultaneous interpretation.
Due to the high degree of concentration required, one interpreter may generally not continue interpreting alone for more than 60 minutes.
Example of languages available:English, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Korean, Portuguese, French, Italian, etc.
* Please contact for other languages as well.

Number of interpreters required for an assignment

Half day Full day


2 3-4


2 3-4


1 2

Half day

Up to 3 hours of actual interpretation hours over a maximum of 4 hours period AM or PM that does not extend into the lunch period (12:00-13:00)

Full day

Up to 6 hours of actual interpretation hours over a maximum of 8 hours period

Coordination process flow

Customer inquiry

Inquiry may be made both by phone or email. Please do not hesitate to contact should you have any questions or concerns.

Information gathering

Requesting detailed requirements along with the assignment date(s), time(s), place(s), number of participants, purpose of the meeting(s), etc. to come up with the best interpreter(s) match.

Estimate / Proposal

Sending an estimate along with the suggested number of interpreters, use (or not) of devices etc.

Order confirmation

Best suited interpreter(s) will be coordinated for the assignment(s) accounting for budget, level and nature of the assignment(s) etc.

Confirmation of logistics

Where to meet, time(s), briefing sessions, study material availability etc. all to be coordinated in advance to the assignment.
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Email and fax inquiries :
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