Interpretation device coordination

Coordination for big conference setting booths to simple wireless devices for smaller in-house meetings are all available. Do not hesitate to contact us for prices, estimates, etc. so we may better cater to your needs.

Types of devices

Panaguides (wireless devices)

A system completed with transmitters, receivers and peripheral items such as battery chargers. Interpreters speak into the transmitter microphone for the audience to hear through receivers with earphones. There are occasions where headsets for interpreters and / or microphone for speakers become necessary in addition to the standard set-up.

Simultaneous interpretation booths

Standard type

A small box-like set-up with a window and a door with soundproofed walls.

Simple type

A wall-like partition separating the interpreters from the room. Since it is not fully covered as the standard type, interpreter voice will travel to the floor.

Process flow


We will coordinate the most suitable device(s) and / or booth(s) for your assignment (s) by asking in detail, the scale of your conference, venue, etc. to coordinate the best environment for a satisfying interpretation experience.

with the venue

We will contact the conference venue upon understanding your desired interpretation delivery to identify its audio environment to coordinate the most appropriate system.


An estimate will be developed and sent once details are clearly understood.

Order confirmation

with the venue

Upon customer approval, we will coordinate all the logistics such as set-up at the venue in advance.


All tests such as audio tests will be done in advance to ensure smooth operations on the day of the assignment.
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